Tihany - 2014. július 11-20. > kortárs művészeti fesztivál és vásár

Tihany 11-20 July 2014 > contemporary art festival and fair




With  the purchase of the ARTplacc wristbands the featured programs of the festival (the exhibitions and programs of the GALÉRIAplacc, the exhibition of the FOTÓplacc, and the theatre and music productions of the KIKÖTŐplacc) can be visited, and the wristband also entitles its owner to use the enlisted services with a reduced fare.

The festival is free for children under the age of 14!
The price of the ARTplacc wristband is 1500 Ft, which is valid for the entire time of the festival!





In Tihany:

During the festival, at several ticket distribution points, until then in the centre building of PIACplacc (on the manufacture market of Tihany on Saturday from 8 a. m. to 2 p. m.)


Ticket distribution points in Budapest:


NUBU Andrássy:

1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 13.

Opening hours: M-F: 11 a. m.-8 p. m., Sat-Sun: 10 a. m. – 6 p. m.


NUBU Hegyvidéki Shopping Centre:

1124 Budapest, Apor Vilmos tér 11-12.; Ground Floor , shop 7

Opening hours: M-Sat: 10 a. m. -8 p. m.; Sun: 10 a. m.-4 p. m.



1054 Budapest Kossuth Lajos utca 20.

Opening hours : M-F: 11 a. m.-8 p. m.; Sat:10 a. m. – 6 p. m.




 Kelemen és Társa Kft
Pedal and row kayak, trimaran, katamaran renting
Tihany, Gödrös 8237 Lepke street 15. (small port next to Panorama Hotel’s port)
+ 30/ 9246357
Amount of discount: 10%


Gulyás Udvar Restaurant
Our restaurant can be found on the main square of Tihany, here we welcome our dear guests
with an own terrace.
Tihany, Mádl Ferenc square 2.
Reservation: + 70/ 3809191
Amount of discount: 10%


Péntek Confectionery and Gallery
Panorama terrace for 60 heads, from Thursday live music from 6 p. m. every day
Fine Dining kitchen
Tihany,  Felsőkopaszhegyi street 35.
+ 30/ 6056311
Amount of discount: 10%


KOGART exhibitions Tihany
Permanent (The Attraction of Tihany-a selection of the works of sculptor Miklós Borsos)
and temporary (Spring Awakening-the birth of Hungarian modern painting in the early 20th
century) exhibitions.
Guided tours every day between August 16 and 20. (further information on times from 15 of
August on the website www. Kogarttihany.hu)
19 August, Monday, 6 p. m.: Mester Sándor MS3 classical guitar evening
Tihany, Kossuth Lajos street. 10.
www.kogarttihany.hu, info@kogarttihany.hu, www.facebook.com/kogarttihany
+ 30/ 9555958
Amount of discount: 20%


Balaton House Restaurant

Tihany, Halázs alley 8-9.



Amount of discount: 10%





Tűzkert Restaurant
We await our guests in a homely, comfortably-cooled garden, with oven-dishes, which
contain no artificial materials at all.
Tihany, Batthyány street 15.
At the right side of the road leading to the Abbey, if you have seen the beehive oven, you
have already arrived to the Tűzkert restaurant.
If you arrive from the Abbey, trough the park, you  may find ius on the left side .
www.tuzkert.hu, info@tuzkert.hu, https://www.facebook.com/tuzkertetterem
Amount of discount: 10%


Kalandsziget Tihany
With a car: after a turn from Balatonfüred at the first Tihany sign, from Keszthely at the
second Tihany sign to the island, after approximately 500 metres to the right, you may find
our facility on the Lepke array of Tihany, at the Gödrös beach.
www.kalandsziget-tihany.hu, info@kalandsziget-tihany.hu
Amount of discount: 10%


Bicycle renting

Invitál-Vitál Kft.
Tihany, Kossuth street 101.
Amount of discount: 10%


Aquilo Hotel Panoráma and Restaurant
A hotel of Tihany at the gate of the peninsula.
Tihany, Lepke array 9-11.
http://www.panoramaht.com/, panorama.hotel@t-online.hu
Amount of discount: 10%


Tihany Retro Pizzeria and Pedro’s Pub

The Tihany Retro Pizzeria can be found on the Mádl Ferenc square int he middle of the

We offer classical fast-food, pizzas, hamburgers cooked on iron-sheet, gyros, and steak to our

Tihany, Kossuth Lajos street 35.
Amount of discount: 10%


Magtár Café

Tihany, Mádl Ferenc squer 1.

Amount of discount: 10%







Doll’s Museum

Tihany, Visszhang street 4.



Amount of discount: 10%