Tihany - 2014. július 11-20. > kortárs művészeti fesztivál és vásár

Tihany 11-20 July 2014 > contemporary art festival and fair

  1. 2012


    ARTplacc 2012- Contemporary Art Festival in Tihany


    After the first ARTplacc event, which was held last year in 2011, the second ten-day-long contemporary art exhibition took place between 10th and 20th August 2012. The ARTplacc 2012 continued the traditions of last year so it welcomed its visitors again with contemporary art programs not only in three spots but in the most visited places of Tihany. Beside the 800m2 large tent which gave place to the exhibitions of the contemporary galleries, several institutions of the peninsula and the region  joined in collaboration.

    One of the main goals of ARTplacc is to revivicate the milling cultural crowds of the northern side of Lake Balaton from the ’80s and the ’90s, furthermore is to make local contemporary art available for more audience. It is a fine location to organize programs for contemporary art by means of the mood and the cultural heritage of the village.

    ’I have often heard stories about the cultural life of the ’80s and ’90s from Géza Tordy, István Bujtor and other noted artists. I was told that these had been always going on in Tihany. The years had passed and the developments had started with difficulties on our beloved peninsula. Moreover, Tihany took weaker and weaker position in the contest of the towns around Lake Balaton. We have decided to change this situation’ – said Ákos Peleskey, founder of ARTplacc in 2011.



  2. 2011

    Tihany Art placc – contemporary art days in Tihany


    Fifteen of the Budapest art galleries moved to Tihany for the time of the ARTplacc. In the name of the summer holidays entertainment and cultural recharge exhibitions were awaiting the visitors at numerous locations of the Tihany Peninsula between 12 – 21 August 2011, hereby Hungary’s talented artists introduced themselves through a light and diverse selection.

    The exceptional atmosphere of Tihany and its significance of tourism promised that this firstly organized art event may generate a long living tradition in the art life of Lake Balaton’s area.

    Participating galleries in 2011L  acb, Dovin, Erdész, Godot, Inda, kArton, Kisterem, MissionArt, Molnár Ani, Mono, Neon, Nextart, Ráday, Spiritusz, Viltin,  cArtc , MONOLITH a r t s p a c e, MOME line – design .