Tihany - 2014. július 11-20. > kortárs művészeti fesztivál és vásár

Tihany 11-20 July 2014 > contemporary art festival and fair

General terms


ARTplacc Contemporary Art Festival and fair represents a platform for exhibitions and sale of artistic editions and individual works created from 1960 onwards. Galleries, art dealers and art publishing houses that operate on a supraregional and regional basis can participate  in the event, provided that they meet the quality requirements of an international art fair and have been approved by the artistic advisory committee.

1. APPLICATION Items admitted for exhibition: paintings, works on paper, multiples, original graphics in limited, signed and numbered editions, sculptures in the original and as an edition, installations/objects, art books, photographs in the original and in limited, signed and numbered editions, books/magazines/catalogues on the subject of the fine arts. A valid business license is a prerequisite for admission to exhibit at the fair. An application must contain the following information:  general Information about the gallery, exhibitions in the previous year and planned exhibitions in the current year, represented artists as well as information on the artists whose works will be shown at the fair (short bio, work photographs). The application can be submitted digitally as a Word document in email.  The organiser MONO Art Nonprofit Ltd. (MONO in short) and the artistic advisory committee appointed by MONO reserve the right to reject applications to exhibit without stating reasons, and to exclude individual works from the application list. If, during the exhibition, it turns out that an exhibitor is violating statutory or official regulations, and if such violations are not immediately remedied by the exhibitor, or if justified complaints are made against an exhibitor for reasons such as making an untrue advertising message, MONO reserves the right to exclude the exhibitor in question from participation, even during the exhibition.MONO is entitled to postpone, cut short or cancel the exhibition. Should the exhibition be postponed or cut short in whole or in part, this Agreement shall be deemed to be concluded for the new date and the new duration, and with the prices valid under the new circumstances. In such case, exhibitors agree to waive any right to withdraw or claim for damages. In the event that the exhibition is cancelled, registered exhibitors shall be exempt from making the payments due for the exhibition except for a compensation payment to MONO to be determined by the  Association of Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries and shall not be entitled to claim for damages.


Participation fee shall be paid after the registration is being confirmed, within 10 days from the receipt of the invoice through bank transfer to the bank account given by the organizer.


Without the approval of MONO exhibitor is not entitled to sublet in whole or in part the stand provided to him/her, to leave it to third parties in any other way, to exchange it or to accept orders on behalf of a different company. The admission of one or more co-exhibitors approved by the exhibition management is subject to a charge.


There is  automatic insurance protection with a written registration and/or participation at the fair/event. Exhibitors are strongly recommended to insure their fair and exhibition articles and their liability at their own expense if they exceed this sum.


The registration form must be completed as accurately as possible and must have a legally binding signature. Once the registration has been completed it cannot be subsequently withdrawn. The stand (wall) rental and registration fee, including any statutory taxes, are to be paid even if the exhibitor is prevented from taking part in the exhibition. Costs for providing the necessary infrastructure at the stand (electric power supply, water supply, stand construction, etc.) will be invoiced separately. However, if MONO is able to hire out the space not occupied by the exhibitor to another exhibitor, a cancellation fee of a minimum of 30 % of the full hire amount and any statutory taxes is payable by the company that has registered to exhibit. Upon sending of the registration confirmation to the exhibitor, a contract has been validly concluded between the organiser and the exhibitor. The acceptance granted can be revoked if the prerequisites for acceptance do not apply or no longer apply. Only those items stated at the time of registration may be exhibited. Stands are allocated by MONO not later than 3 weeks before the start of the exhibition based on the order of registration. Any errors in stand allocation or stand changes do not entitle the exhibitor to withdraw or to claim damages. If the hired stand is not occupied by 18:00 h onethe day before the exhibition opens at the latest, or if it is vacated before the end of the exhibition, MONO has the right to dispose of the stand in other ways. In this case the exhibitor is not entitled to reimbursement of the rental fee in whole or in part.


The stand walls consist of white wooden walls and are suitable for use with nails. It is not permitted for the height of the stand walls to be exceeded anywhere in the stand area. Advertising elements such as advertising towers and company signs must be approved by the exhibition management, and will be separately invoiced. Stand lettering is executed by stand construction staff. The regulations issued by the fire authorities are to be observed in the stand layout.


Packing materials for exhibition items are to be removed from the exhibition premises by 18:00 h on the day of the preview (15.08.2013.), otherwise removal may be authorised to be carried out at the cost of the exhibitor. No responsibility is accepted by the organiser for the whereabouts of any materials not removed at the proper time. Packing materials can be stored with the official exhibition shipping agent for a short period.


The stand must be set up using exclusively materials which are not readily flammable. It is not permitted to clear a stand – in whole or in part – before the official end of the exhibition. Objects may be removed from the stand allocated to exhibitors only after the exhibitor has paid all costs incurred. Unless otherwise agreed, the stand must be vacated at the by midnight after the end of the exhibition. In the event that the stand has not been vacated, MONO  will be entitled to have the stand vacated at the exhibitor’s expense. In such case, MONO shall accept no liability for due clearance and storage of the exhibition objects. Storage costs shall be borne by the exhibitor. The exhibition area shall be returned in the same state as taken over by the exhibitor, who shall be liable for damage to the floor, walls and material rented or lent to him/her.  Walls has to be returned in white colour.


The general surveillance of the property and the halls is ensured during the official set-up and clearing times, as well as during the fair, by MONO. The latter shall not be liable for losses or damages. Surveillance outside the periods indicated above is not possible. The exhibitor is responsible for supervision and surveillance of the stand. This also applies during set-up and clearing times.


MONO organises cleaning in general. The exhibitor is responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and surveillance of his own exhibition area and exhibition  articles. Daily stand cleaning must be finished before the start of the official fair visiting time. Outside opening hours, exhibitors may stay in the halls for half an one hour before and after the official opening times.


MONO is not responsible for damage incurred to people or things in the exhibition halls, on the exhibition premises and in the parking lots. It is not responsible under any circumstances for elementary, accidental, vehicle and theft damages, as well as further damages of any kind. MONO assumes no liability for loss or damages regarding the goods provided or left behind by the exhibitor or a third party, in particular exhibition goods and furnishings for the exhibition stand. It is not responsible for damages resulting from the exhibitor/exhibitor relationship, or exhibitor/visitor relationship. Furthermore, MONO and its employees assume no liability for information given or measures taken based on misapprehension. The exhibitor waives his right to claim damages from MONO if it should turn out that information in the sales brochures concerning fair events is not fulfilled. Such information is based on empirical values and therefore cannot be bindingly assured by MONO. The exhibitor expressly agrees to these conditions.


Exhibitor advertising must be limited to the stand allocated to the exhibitor. Advertising on behalf of third parties is only permitted with the written approval of MONO Advertisment posters and flyers may not be affixed or distributed outside the allocated stand.  MONO is entitled to remove or stop unauthorised posters and flyers or other advertising means without consulting the exhibitor or taking legal action. Flyers or posters that have already been mounted or distributed outside the exhibitor’s stand shall be removed at the expense of the party responsible. Promotion activities outside the stand shall be permitted in exceptional cases only and are subject to the written approval of MONO. All promotional activities at the stand and the contents of the advertising messages must comply with ethical principles. In case of doubt, MONO must be consulted. With regard to microphones, music and loudspeaker systems, MONO reserves the right to adjust the volume or, if necessary, to shut down any such system.


MONO is entitled to have photographs, drawings and film recordings of exhibition items prepared and to use these for publication. The exhibitor waives any objections on grounds of copyright.


Any claims of the exhibitor must be asserted by registered letter to MONO within 14 days following the end of the exhibition. Any claims raised subsequently to this have no entitlement to consideration and will be regarded as groundless. By completing the registration form, each exhibitor acknowledges, both for itself and for the persons appointed by it, the above conditions and all regulations of the local police and trading authorities and other applicable regulations and provisions. In the event of any contravention of the conditions, MONO is entitled to announce and execute the exclusion of the exhibitor in question from the exhibition without notice. Any verbal additions to this contractual agreement must be confirmed in writing by MONO in order to be valid. The information on exhibitors which is submitted with the registration will be processed by computer and used for purposes which are primarily intended for the execution of the exhibition event. The organiser is entitled to use data relating to exhibitors for its own marketing and advertising purposes, and to pass on such data if appropriate.MONO exercises property rights on fair grounds and carparks.


The exhibitor agrees that Buda District Court shall have venue for any disputes that may arise in connection with this Agreement or with participation in the fair.

For any matters not governed by this agreement, the Hungarian Civil Code shall apply.